cryoair flex

cryoair flex

The professional single chamber for training and treatment.

This is how cold becomes your partner in training and therapy: the cryoair flex offers one or two users at a time -121°F cryotherapy to boost physical performance. As its name suggests, the cryoair flex provides flexible solutions for your location with a standard or corner space configuration and more options for installation. Use this powerhouse chamber up to 80 uses per day for maximum results.

Air temperature in chamber Down to -130 °F (-166 °F wind chill temp)
Standard chamber dimensions (WxDxH) 4’-11” x 4’-11” x 8’-7 ½ ”
Chamber expandable in 4” steps (WxDxH) 6’-7” x 6’-7” x 9’-3 ½ ” (max. dimensions)
Machine (incl. control system) dimensions (WxDxH) 3’-11” x 2’-3 ½ ” x 4’-11”
Maximum distance between machine and chamber 49’-0”
Connected load 32A
Pre-cooling time ~40 minutes


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  • Highly Cost-Efficient
  • Heated Glass Door
  • Available as Regular or Corner Solution