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The one and only.

Proof that big results can come from small solutions, the cryo:one is the smallest, all-electric whole-body cryo chamber in the world capable of providing single users with the benefits of -121° F cryotherapy. Its compact design is ideal for residential use or light commercial applications.

Air temperature in chamber Down to -130 °F (-166 °F wind chill temp)
Entire system dimensions (WxDxH) 3’-11” x 6’-1” x 8’-1”
Interior chamber dimensions (WxDxH) 2’-11 ½” x 2’-11 ½” x 6’-9”
Connected load 25A
Pre-cooling time ~40 minutes


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Is the cryo:one your chamber of choice?

  • Most Compact Cryochamber
  • Heated Glass Door
  • Low Running Costs