cryoair multi/multi+

cryoair multi/multi+

cryoair multi-chambers are ideal for high commercial or team use with the capacity for 30+ users per hour

As cold as nice

Back in antiquity, physicians already knew that cold had positive effects on the human body. It really is high time to make more use of its medical benefits today – with cryochambers from MECOTEC! The fact is that whole-body cryotherapy down to –110°C supports treatment in professional sport and in a clinic setting. Whether used on sports injuries or rheumatic conditions, or alternatively to boost performance, a multi-chamber cryotherapy unit from MECOTEC will take you closer to your goal. In both top-flight sport and therapy, MECOTEC cryochambers with two or three chambers are ideal for use by up to four people at a time. And if you want to have your cryochamber tailored to your exact requirements – no problem! Our experienced engineers will be delighted to incorporate your specific requests in a custom model.

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Promising treatment - the pros in medicine

The cryoair multi/multi+ should be on your patients’ treatment plan. Thanks to whole-body cryotherapy, you can provide an effective, non-invasive form of treatment for all sorts of medical applications. The benefits range from alleviating chronic pain from sports injuries to positive effects in connection with joint and spinal diseases, neurodermitis, collagenosis, rheumatic complaints and psychotherapy.

Cryotherapy: Coach and therapist in one

Cryochambers from MECOTEC are both coach and therapist rolled into one. After all, whole-body treatment at extremely low temperatures for just a few minutes at a time provides lasting relief and aids therapy. During treatment, the accompanying therapist is always in contact with the user thanks to a camera with an intercom system as well as a built-in window. And since MECOTEC cryochambers cause no harm whatsoever to the person inside, they can rest assured that they will only benefit.

Our perfection, your performance - the pros in sport

Top-class athletes and international teams in all sorts of disciplines have long relied on whole-body cryotherapy. Their goal is to improve their regeneration as well as to increase their speed and stamina. This is exactly what MECOTEC’s multi-chamber system has been perfectly designed and developed for. With a choice of two or three chambers, it can be used to treat multiple patients simultaneously. Which version you opt for depends on the daily number of treatment sessions planned. Just get in touch with us – we’ll work out what the most economical model for you would be.

Cold is beautiful - the pros in wellness

In the cryoair multi/multi+, the human body responds to a temperature of –110°C. This may prompt the release of endorphins, activate the immune system, boost blood circulation and metabolism, detoxify cells, and activate healing processes.

Trust a global Leader

MECOTEC is a pioneer in the development of electrical refrigeration equipment and can draw on a wealth of experience over the company’s 25-year history. Wherever you happen to be, expert aftersales service is rapidly available from MECOTEC’s network of branches and partner companies worldwide. By opting for cryochamber systems from MECOTEC, you’re choosing TÜV-certified technology that sets the bar – and comes 100% from Germany.

Space-Saving, Efficient and Economical

Hundreds of clients have already been convinced by MECOTEC’s ingenious space-saving concept. The multi-chamber system is so flexible that you can choose between different configurations and sizes. This flexibility makes MECOTEC cryochambers the perfect solution for hospitals and elite sports facilities. Rely on our experts – with their experience, they can best assess which chamber and features are right for you.

Top 5 reasons for MECOTECs cryoair multi/multi+

  • Nitrogen-free

    Cooling in the cryoair multi requires no nitrogen whatsoever. This makes our technology safe, gentle and efficient.

  • Economical

    Our innovative technology has been optimized over many years of research and is characterized by particularly low operating costs and highest reliability.

  • Competent

    MECOTEC invented the electric cryo chamber, so you can depend on the expertise of our engineers – from planning and production in Germany to personal aftercare.

  • Flexibility

    Use the various customization options and have a system with up to three chambers installed.

  • Operability

    It’s child’s play to use via the touchscreen on the terminal, Wi-Fi connection, cameras and intercom systems for safe, reliable and continuous operation.