MECOTEC cryo:one

The one and only.

Cryosessions are all the rage in your line of work. Clients hope that whole-body-cryosessions will help them look and feel better. And by offering cryotherapy, businesses like yours – wellness providers, gyms and beauty studios – can attract new customers and grow their sales. It’s time to get yourself the perfect cryo chamber: the cryo:one from MECOTEC!

Vital for your Business

Beauty and vitality are your business. So why not use the cryo:one state-of-the-art cryo chamber to offer your clients a chance to lastingly improving their health and appearance? The cryo:one combines the treatment method of cryosessions from the Far East with sophisticated German technology. This attractive system allows you to perform whole-body cryosessions on your premises to improve your clients’ beauty and wellness.

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Regeneration is a key factor when it comes to achieving training goals in both amateur and professional sport. The MECOTEC cryo:one helps athletes recover from a training session, a competition or a sports injury. Athletes use it to reduce pain in muscles and joints while simultaneously relaxing, and also to regenerate specific areas. Anyone who counts on performance should also count on cryotherapy – and hence on MECOTEC.

True beauty comes from within – and from without. After all, just a few minutes of extreme-cold treatment in the cryo:one are all it takes to give anyone that healthy glow! Whole-body cryotherapy reduces the production of the stress hormone cortisol, allowing muscles to relax and boosting metabolism. In addition, the body reacts to cold by producing more collagen – a requirement for healthy skin with vital elasticity. Cryo:one can therefore also help improve your customers’ appearance and poise – two key aspects in the modern world of wellness.

MECOTEC cryo:one
Customisable The cryo:one can be designed according to your wishes
MECOTEC cryo:one
Compact The worlds smallest and best electric cryo chambers fits everywhere (here Longegvity Suite, Verona)
MECOTEC cryo:one
Ready for use Within only a few hours your cryo:one is built up

The cryochamber from the leading manufacturer

MECOTEC is the world leader in electric whole-body cryochambers. After all, we invented it! And that’s why we know exactly what makes a cryochamber stand out. It needs to perform convincingly. It needs to be easy to use. And it needs to have the potential to benefit your clients’ vitality and looks. The cryo:one fits the bill in all three departments!

With whole-body cryotherapy booming in the wellness and beauty sector, the cryo:one is a business investment that will quickly pay for itself. It’s so effective and cost-attractive that you can recoup your outlay in about two years. Are you interested in using MECOTEC’s cryo:one chamber for electric whole-body cold therapy in your studio?

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Top 5 reasons for a MECOTEC cryo:one


Cooling in the cryo:one requires no nitrogen whatsoever. This makes the cryo:one safe, gentle and efficient.


Our innovative technology has been optimized over many years of research and is characterised by particularly low operating costs and highest reliability.


MECOTEC invented the electric cryo chamber, so you can depend on the expertise of our engineers – from planning and production in Germany to personal aftercare.


The cryo:one is a compact booth which fits into any room with a ceiling height of 2.50 metres. Its ideal dimensions: 1.2 x 1.85 x 2.47 meters (width x depth x height).


The cryo:one is easy to control using an app on your smartphone or tablet.