CryoCON 2023 - Excellent performance with leading technology

CryoCON 23 Dr. Friedrich Rheinheimer, Jim Donnelly, Enrico Klauer

The MECOTEC US team, together with the representatives of the MECOTEC GmbH, CEO, Enrico Klauer and COO, Dr. Friedrich Rheinheimer, celebrated a successful appearance at the third edition of the CryoCON.

Most visitors were very well informed and already clearly prefer the purely electrically operated whole body cryochambers to the nitrogen-based ones. At the latest after a visit to the cryo:one+, which was in operation for two full days of the fair, the visitors were convinced of the quality, reliability and performance of the MECOTEC products Made in Germany - and that the US market cannot be imagined without them.

The cryoconvention is also an industry get-together where manufacturers and distributors of cryo products meet and exchange ideas. The MECOTEC US team, with CEO Mike Mansfield, Enrico Klauer and Dr. Friedrich Rheinheimer, took advantage of this and met with the other industry leaders for background discussions - among other things, to present the CCM Initiative. 



MECOTEC, based in Saxony-Anhalt, was founded in 2000 and is a pioneer in the field of ultra-low refrigeration on an electrical basis. The company specializes in the segments of cold chambers, cold air devices and industrial refrigeration and is now a global leader in the fields of medicine, sports and wellness with more than 800 cold chambers installed. The purely electrically operated cold chambers are used in spa areas of upscale hotels, in clinics and in sports facilities, such as in the German Bundesliga, NFL stadiums in the USA and others. The company has offices in France, the United States, the Middle East (Dubai) and Singapore, and partners in Europe and Australia. MECOTEC works with leading pharmaceutical manufacturers and hospitals in the field of ultra-low temperature technology for medical devices and cold chambers and is certified according to ISO 9001 and PED standards. The company is managed by founder and managing director Enrico Klauer, who is supported by an advisory board made up of experts from the financial and pharmaceutical industries and Dr. Friedrich Rheinheimer, who has been responsible for the operative business as COO since the beginning of 2022.

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