Press release: Delivery of eight high-cube containers for the safe deep-freeze storage of Covid-19 vaccines

MECOTEC Group from Bitterfeld-Wolfen completes delivery order for another eight high-cube containers for the safe deep-freeze storage of Covid-19 vaccines

  •  With the ramp-up of vaccine production to meet the increasing international demand, the need for deep freeze cooling capacities of vaccines is also growing
  • MECOTEC’s qualified ISO-Standard 40ft. containers offer space for safe deep cold storage at down to -80°C (-112°F) for over half a million vaccine vials
  • The delivery has already started and will be completed in November

Bitterfeld-Wolfen, November 2nd, 2021 – With the ramp-up of vaccine production and the need for booster vaccinations, the demand for ultra-low temperature solutions to safely store the vaccine immediately after production continues to rise. „We are pleased that – after we have already delivered the world’s first deep-freeze container solution to Asia in spring this year – with this order we can again demonstrate our competence as the market leader in deep-freeze cooling for pharmaceutical products,“ said Enrico Klauer, Managing Director of MECOTEC GmbH. „With our certified solutions in the field of mobile and stationary deep cooling of pharmaceutical products, such as in this case Covid-19 vaccines, we cover an important area within this logistics chain,“ continues Klauer.

The ISO standard 40ft. container from MECOTEC has been developed for the transport, storage and easy removal of deeply refrigerated goods that require permanent cooling at temperatures between -20°C and -80°C (-4°F and -112°F). The cold is generated purely electrically with two independent and redundant cold generators, which are built into the container and achieve an availability of at least 98%. The storage capacity for the vaccine vials in this container is over half a million, that can be stored at constant temperatures of down to -80°C. All containers have been certified by an independent institute for refrigeration technology and approved by the competent authority for storage at -75°C (-103°F). Delivery to the customer has already started and will be completed in November.

Product information

The set-up of the MECOTEC container is threefold: The machine room is located at one end of the container, while access to the work area is via an anteroom from the other side of the container (see sketch 1). The container with standard dimensions can be set up in all outdoor areas. The deep cold store is supplied by high-performance cooling units. In the work area the temperature is -20°C, so that it is possible to work under the current regulations for cold protection clothing. In general, this solution is particularly suitable for locations where large quantities of vaccines and other temperature-sensitive substances have to be stored.


MECOTEC GmbH, based in Saxony-Anhalt, was founded in 2000. It is known as an industrial refrigeration specialist and world market leader in electric cold chambers for the fields of medicine, sports and wellness. More than 600 of these cold chambers have already been installed worldwide, in spa areas of upscale hotels, in clinics and in sports facilities, such as in the German national soccer league, NFL stadiums in the US and others.

In 2020 the company took over the refrigeration system developer COOLANT (based in Mülsen / Saxony) in order to consolidate its technological leadership for special applications in refrigeration technology. COOLANT specializes in the development and manufacture of energy-optimized deep cooling systems in the industrial sector.

MECOTEC works with leading pharmaceutical manufacturers and hospitals in the field of ultra-low temperature technology for medical products and cold chambers and is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and PED standards. The MECOTEC Group employs around 100 people globally, over 60 of them in Germany. The company has branches in France, the USA and Singapore as well as sales offices in Europe and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

The company is managed by its founder and managing director Enrico Klauer, who is supported by an advisory board made up of experts from the finance and pharmaceutical industries.

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