New cooperation

Two leading German companies in medical and cryo technology, Zimmer MedizinSysteme GmbH  and MECOTEC GmbH, agree on partnership

The two leading international suppliers of physio-therapy systems and cryotherapy chambers have agreed on a partnership. The cooperation focuses on the development and distribution of the next generation of cryo chambers for applications in the growing field of medicine, sports and performance management, as well as wellness and beauty.

Cryotherapy involves exposing the body, or parts of the body, to extremely cold temperatures for a few minutes. The positive effects of very cold temperatures on well-being were already described in antiquity by the Greek scholar Hippocrates. Modern cryotherapy methods are being applied in an increasingly wide area. The treatment used to be only for professional athletes and hospitals is becoming more and more popular, both in Germany and internationally.

With more than 550 cryo chambers and an estimated market share of over 60 % (worldwide installed systems), MECOTEC is the world market leader and pioneer in electric chambers. The company develops and manufactures the units in Germany and sells them worldwide through its own subsidiaries. „Together with Zimmer MedizinSysteme, we have more than 100 years of experience. This is the basis of our technological advancements, from which a growing number of users and operators will benefit,“ says Enrico Klauer, CEO of MECOTEC GmbH.

Founded in 1969, Zimmer MedizinSysteme GmbH is one of the leading companies worldwide in physical therapy. In addition, the company offers a range of products in related areas, making it a leading full-service provider of system solutions in medical technology for diagnostics, therapy and aesthetic medicine. „This is a meeting of two strong partners who will perfectly combine their technical know-how in the future. Both companies also have their own national as well as international subsidiaries and this results in a strong and worldwide distribution network,“ says Armin Zimmer, CEO of Zimmer Medizingeräte GmbH.

With investments in innovation, development, quality and consulting, both companies have achieved success in their markets. The new partnership will further strengthen their position. New positions are being created and employees recruited. Applications for open positions are welcome.