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VRimg File Description

Version: 1.3
Compressed: true
Resolution { width: 4960 height: 3307 pixelAspectRatio: 1 }
Render Region { renderRegion: true xmin: 0 ymin: 0 width: 0 height: 0 }
Regions Info { regWidth: 4960 regHeight: 3307 whatsXY: MaxSize }
Camera Info { transform: matrix projection: perspective aperture: 36 fov: 48.1551 targetDistance: 200 nearRange: 0 nearClip: 0 farClip: 1e+030 focalLength: 40.2819 fNumber: 4.02819 }
Scene { renderTime: 14196106 name: „C:CGIDimension3pluswetransfer-3872e5Archinteriors_26_1Mecotec_Motiv005_c_04.max“ }

Alpha (float3)
Glare (float3)
MultiMatteElementA (float3)
MultiMatteElementB (float3)
RGB color (float3)
VRayDenoiser (float3)
VRayDiffuseFilter (float3)
VRayExtraTex_Map #205 (float3)
VRayGlobalIllumination (float3)
VRayLightSelect (float3)
VRayLightSelect01 (float3)
VRayLightSelect02 (float3)
VRayLightSelectA (float3)
VRayLightSelectB (float3)
VRayLightSelectC (float3)
VRayLightSelectD (float3)
VRayLightSelectE (float3)
VRayLightSelectF (float3)
VRayLightSelectG (float3)
VRayLighting (float3)
VRayMtlID (int)
VRayObjectID (int)
VRayReflection (float3)
VRayReflectionFilter (float3)
VRayRefraction (float3)
VRayRefractionFilter (float3)
VRayRenderID (int)
VRaySpecular (float3)
VRayWireColor (float3)
VRayZDepth (float)
defocusAmount (float)
effectsResult (float3)
noiseLevel (float)
worldNormals (float3)
worldPositions (float3)

Our cryochambers:



Glass plate (optional)

for placing additional treatment devices

Our cold air device

MECOTEC US is here. MECOTEC is the global leader in electric whole-body cryotherapy with more than 500 cryo chambers sold worldwide. After all, we invented it! With this volume of sales, we need an expansive team to assist our satisfied customers; thus in 2019, MECOTEC US is established to better serve North America. From our offices, warehouse and showroom in South Carolina, we are poised to dispatch our certified technicians and offer customer support nationwide when you need it.

assembled in usa

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or Call us toll free at
1-833-MEC-OTEC US (833-632-6832)!

Why Choosing MECOTEC?

  • 20+ Years of Experience

    US Office since 2019

  • Leading Manufacturer

    Of Electric Cryotechnology

  • 500+ Cryochambers

    Sold and Installed Worldwide


Certificate Programs on Cryotherapy

An interesting and new opportunity for people who want to become cryo operators – online and residential classes.


Not only in the United States but also with our two locations for development, production and logistics in Germany and offices in Italy, France, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, we serve the needs of our clients worldwide. Get in contact with us – we would be happy to help you with whatever you need locally.

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