Trade fairs & dates

Trade fairs & dates

Experience a cryochamber at minus -160°F

At the MECOTEC booth visitors have the opportunity to experience the cold first hand in a cryo:one+ chamber at minus -160°F.

Innovative products for the beauty, wellness and sports industries

As a world leader in cryogenic technology, MECOTEC manufactures electrical cryochambers and other high-tech products.

An international sales and service network serves customers around the globe. Innovation is in our DNA and our mission is to provide the best solution with the best quality individually for each customer.

Electric cryo chambers and solutions for lifestyle and sports

Pharma & Biotechnology

  • Safe deep-freeze storage of vaccines
  • Long-term storage of blood components and samples
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Industrial solutions

  • Vacuum-insulated refrigeration cells with drum drive for cooling down to -160 °F
  • Production and storage of ice cubes (production capacity 140 t/day)
  • Storage systems at a temperature of -122 °F with self-sufficient refrigeration units for mutual securing of the refrigeration load