Industrial Solutions

Industrial solutions

Cold storage for business success

In some supply chains, it’s essential for certain goods to be verifiably kept – and in some cases also processed – in cold storage. If this concerns your business, too, MECOTEC can offer you the ideal solution whatever your requirements thanks to our decades of experience within the very highly individualized area of refrigeration.

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Cold storage solutions

Does your business require a tailored solution to reliably keep your stored materials below –85°C? Rely on the expertise of MECOTEC! We’re the ideal partner when it comes to the safe, long-term storage of your goods at low temperatures. Thanks to our engineering proficiency, we can design and build extremely low-temperature refrigeration systems for your business down to –125°C.

Solutions for process refrigeration

Professional process refrigeration calls for custom solutions. Whether in warehouses, cooling machinery and plant, or for food on commercial premises, businesses require the perfect combination of engineering, energy efficiency and operational reliability to ensure optimum refrigeration. MECOTEC offers solutions for product processing at very low temperatures based on its extensive expertise in the planning and production of cooling systems.

MECOTEC - Industrial solutions

Exemplary solution for a global player in the pharma industry

MECOTEC has already proven its exceptional engineering prowess for many clients. They include a global leader in the pharmaceuticals industry who needed storage for active ingredients which had to be kept at various temperatures down to –70°C. MECOTEC designed, built and commissioned a total of 14 fully redundant cold storage complexes with precision temperature control within a range of 1.5K. Normally, this level of accuracy is almost unattainable – yet MECOTEC came up trumps thanks to its enormous refrigeration expertise.

High-tech Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

We offer innovative Pharmaceutical and Industrial Cooling Solutions at temperatures down to -125°C / -193°F based on our long-term competence of deep-freeze cooling technology expertise.

  • 100 % Made in Germany
  • Complete qualification according to GMP
  • 100% redundant systems for high safety standards
  • Integrated power generators
  • TÜV certified cooling technology
  • Service and system monitoring worldwide

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