Press Release: MECOTEC’s new Smart Control App presented at the CryoCON2022

Cryo Innovation presented at the CryoCON2022: MECOTEC’s new Smart Control App brings unique flexibility and savings for operators with remote control

  • Second international cryotherapy convention organized by Cryotherapy Industry National Association (CINA) and CryoProsUnited (resource and communication platform) taking place in Dallas, TX, from March 22-25, 2022
  • MECOTEC´s new Smart Control App allows customers to coordinate their cryochamber with one app

Anderson S.C., USA, March 22nd, 2022 – „The CryoCON has become the most relevant conference in the cryo industry and therefore it is our pleasure and honor to be one of the main sponsors”, says Enrico Klauer, CEO of MECOTEC GmbH.

The conference brings together cryotherapy business owners, equipment manufacturers, service providers and industry experts to address current and future topics of the industry and to help elevate it further. “The Cryotherapy industry has been growing exponentially since entering the US market a decade ago”, says Antra Gezoff, a cryotherapy entrepreneur, educator, certified business coach and the Founder of CryoProsUnited.

“We are very much looking forward to an open exchange with our partners on this occasion since we see a huge market potential, especially in the sports and wellness area”, says Kater Heine, CEO of MECOTEC US, INC. MECOTEC is already supporting NFL teams across the nation with cryo chambers for regeneration.

Enrico Klauer as CEO of the leading cryo technology manufacturer MECOTEC will provide in his conference speech an overview of the past, present and future of the industry. MECOTEC will also showcase its latest innovation, the new MECOTEC Smart Control App at the conference.

“The new app allows our customers to connect all their machines in one platform, to check and control the status of their machines from anywhere in the world, saving energy and ensuring proper maintenance “on-the-go”. The feature enables service teams to conduct better machine diagnostics, recommend adjustments remotely and thus optimize operating times. It will lead to longer life-cycles and higher investment returns on the machine for the operator. MECOTEC’s Smart Control will be available in 2022 or as part of a MECOTEC service package”, says Dr. Friedrich Rheinheimer, Chief Operating Officer (COO), MECOTEC GmbH.

At the MECOTEC booth visitors also have the opportunity to experience the cold first hand in a cryo:one+ chamber at minus -160°F.

About the CryoCON convention

The CryoCON convention brings together business owners, franchisors, manufacturers of cryotherapy and other holistic wellness equipment, providers of related products and services and other industry professionals. Its program consists of plenary sessions, workshops, roundtable discussions, expo and equipment demonstrations as well as social gatherings and provides great learning, relationship building and networking opportunities.


MECOTEC GmbH, headquartered in Saxony-Anhalt, was founded in 2006. It is known as an industrial refrigeration specialist and world market leader in electrical cold chambers for the medical, wellness and sport sectors.

MECOTEC Industrial works with leading pharmaceutical manufacturers and hospitals in the field of ultra-low temperature technology for medical products and cold chambers and is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and PED standards and works according to the GMP standard. The MECOTEC Group employs around 100 people worldwide, more than 60 of them in Germany. The company has branches in various countries around the world. In addition, the company sells its products through long-standing distributors in various European countries and in the Middle East.

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