Introducing The Cryo Chamber Manufacturers Initiative (CCM)

Today (February 27, 2024) MECOTEC, °CRYOScience, and CryoBuilt are proud to announce that we are launching a collaborative international endeavor to elevate knowledge, understanding, and standards around cryotherapy called The Cryo Chamber Manufacturers Initiative, or The CCM Initiative.

The initiative reflects a growing public awareness about the benefits of cold therapy in general and an increasing number of cold therapy methods available. This positive growth is bringing about greater interest in cryotherapy and in cryotherapy best practices.

“As the leaders in cryo chamber manufacturing, we have a responsibility to help mature our industry by bringing clarity, definition, and evidence around cryotherapy standards,” said Enrico Klauer, CEO of Mecotec.

“To start, this year we will focus on information,” said Marcus Wilson, CEO of CryoBuilt. “That means taking our collective knowledge of cryotherapy and making it available to the wider public online to the benefit of everyone interested in cryotherapy.”

“The CCM Initiative is one piece of a bigger puzzle for strengthening the whole industry as it grows,” said Omar, CEO of CryoScience. “We want people to be equipped with the knowledge of how to experience the full benefits of cryotherapy, which will fortify the reputation of our industry while supporting human well-being at a wider scale.”

The CCM Initiative will address topics such as cryotherapy methods, quality and safety, and existing scientific research. While still in the initial phase, the initiative will seek to engage a broad spectrum of stakeholders as it takes shape.

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