MECOTEC is one of the most innovative companies in East Germany

MECOTEC GmbH is awarded the „Vorsprung“ business prize as one of the six most innovative companies in East Germany

  • Appreciation and award ceremony by Minister Carsten Schneider¸ Minister of State and Federal Government Commissioner for East Germany
  • MECOTEC GmbH leading on the world market for cold chambers

Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Berlin, May 17, 2022 – East Germany has changed a lot in the past 30 years and has produced many good ideas. In order to make this development visible and to appreciate it, the business prize VORSPRUNG, the prize of the East German Economic Forum OWF, is being handed over in the Federal Chancellery today to outstanding company personalities, including our managing directors Enrico Klauer and Dr. Friedrich Rheinheimer.

Carsten Schneider, Minister of State and Federal Government Commissioner for East Germany and patron of the business award “Vorsprung”: “The East is booming! And that not only thanks to new major investments, but above all thanks to the great creative drive of many different companies from the eastern German states. Eastern Germany is a region of the future. And entrepreneurial spirit and innovations are the key to a successful transformation of the economy. In order for the East to continue to develop positively economically, a forward-looking structural and industrial policy is required. That is the aim of my work as representative for East Germany. The companies that have been awarded the VORSPRUNG business prize are shining examples of the lead that the East German economy already has in many areas and which we – together with the companies – want to expand further. I congratulate the winners on the award and look forward to the exchange with you.”

„The award is a great confirmation of the passionate work of our team in Bitterfeld and around the world,“ says Enrico Klauer, founder and managing director of MECOTEC GmbH. “For us, however, the award is also an incentive to consistently continue on the course we have taken. We see ourselves as a technological driver of two megatrends: New Health and ultra-low temperature storage. In medicine, New Health describes the change from regenerative to preventive medicine based on real-time monitoring of data. Ultra-low refrigeration solutions are finding increasing application in the storage of sensitive materials such as mRNA vaccines. In both fields, we use our many years of expertise to the maximum benefit of our customers.”

Dr. Friedrich Rheinheimer, Managing Director of MECOTEC GmbH, explains: „Especially in the area of ​​new health, we have developed into the top league of the global market. What began with the first electrically operated cold chamber in Germany more than 20 years ago has quickly developed into a global market: there are now more than 700 cold chambers in medical, rehabilitation, wellness and sports centers (from the Bundesliga to the NFL) and upscale Hotel chains branded with our logo, which corresponds to over 70% of all electric cold chambers installed worldwide. Our company also supplies innovative solutions for the industrial refrigeration sector. For example, during the COVID19 pandemic, our team developed the world’s first certified container for storing vaccines in 2020. Since then, several international pharmaceutical companies have been supplied with stationary and mobile storage solutions.”

In order to continue on this successful course, MECOTEC GmbH is not only consistently expanding its own location, but also its sales structures. As a first step in this direction, in 2021 it took over 100% of MECOTEC France, which had previously been operated as a joint venture. In 2022, several sales companies will be founded abroad. In addition to the subsidiaries, growth is controlled and driven by strategic sales partnerships in all three regions of the world.

(from left to right)
Frank Nehrung, OWF President and jury member
Dr. Friedrich Rheinheimer, Managing Director MECOTEC GmbH
Enrico Klauer, Founder & Managing Director MECOTEC GmbH
Carsten Schneider, Minister of State and Federal Government Commissioner for Eastern Germany

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MECOTEC GmbH, based in Saxony-Anhalt, was founded in 2000. It is known as an industrial refrigeration specialist and world market leader in electrical cold chambers for the areas of medicine, sports and wellness. More than 700 of these cold chambers have already been installed worldwide, in the spa areas of upscale hotels, in clinics and in sports facilities, such as the Bundesliga or the NFL stadiums in the USA.

MECOTEC works with leading pharmaceutical manufacturers and hospitals in the field of ultra-low temperature technology for medical products and cold chambers and is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and PED standards. The MECOTEC Group employs around 100 people worldwide, more than 80 of them in Germany. The company has branches in France, the USA and Singapore as well as sales partners in the Benelux countries, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Hungary and the UK.

The company is managed by its founder and managing director, Enrico Klauer, and Dr. Friedrich Rheinheimer, who has been responsible for the operational business as Managing Director since the beginning of 2022.

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