Wellness for everyday urban life

The Urban Boost Station in Berlin offers its customers fast, modern bio-regeneration through the cryo:one+ from MECOTEC.

„I want to offer wellness-on-the-go so that anyone can integrate wellness into everyday life,“ says Niclas Bönström, founder of the women’s fitness chain, Mrs. Sporty. Boenstroem had the original inspiration for an “Urban Boost Station” two years ago. Only a short time later, Berlin’s first regeneration oasis for the stressed city dweller was launched very close to the Ku’damm.

The studio operates according to a holistic “no-touch” principle, stimulating the body’s own recovery and self-optimizing functions. Busy urban dwellers can now take advantage of unique natural treatment applications which boost metabolism and relax the body and mind—from cold therapy through the cryo:one+, to the water-based HydroJetMassage, to heat treatment via infrared sauna or an air-based automated lymphatic massage. Treatments can be easily combined as well to achieve the optimal desired result.

„We wanted the latest technology that boosts the body’s own processes, quickly and in a natural way. Using ‚ancient‘ methods, such as the use of cold, in combination with the innovative technology from MECOTEC, we have created an overall concept that is compelling for customers – we call it Boost[er]Wellness‘,“ says Kerstin Kolata, who is responsible for putting together Urban Boost Station’s products and services.

The feedback from customers speaks for itself. Due to its central location, a wide variety of users are drawn to the Urban Boost Station—be it international business travelers visiting their cryo chambers to fight jet lag or athletes seeking to optimize their training routines with a combination of cryotherapy and other services. Regular customer Jannis, a cameraman and competitive athlete, particularly appreciates the positive effect that the cold application has on his neurodermatitis, in addition to the regeneration support.

Kolata is enthusiastic about the response so far: „The applications in the cryo chamber and with the cold air devices from MECOTEC definitely strike a chord and support customers of the Urban Boost Station in strengthening their immune system and overall well-being.“

Pic: © Urban Boost Station; K. Kolata 2. f. l.; N. Boenstroem 3. f. l.

Urban Boost Station

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