MECOTEC GmbH unveils latest innovation in cryotherapy: the cryo:one+ chamber

  • Custom Design and Technology: Adjustable color options with LED lighting experience create a personalized cryotherapy experience; cutting-edge technology delivers increased efficiency through shorter cooldown times.
  • Innovative Safety Feature: Optical and acoustic warning system for enhanced safety.
  • Nitrogen-free cryotherapy with temperatures up to -85°C for both private and commercial use.


"With the cryo:one+ chamber, we are setting new standards in the field of cryotherapy. Our mission has always been to invest not only in technology but also in the safety and comfort of our customers. This latest innovation underscores our commitment to quality and our ability to specifically address the individual needs of our customers," says Enrico Klauer, CEO of MECOTEC GmbH, during the presentation of the new chamber at the company's headquarters in Bitterfeld-Wolfen.


Adaptable to Any Space and Efficient for Every Need

While the already established cryo:one chamber, with its compact size and capacity for up to 25 applications per day, is ideal for private use, the cryo:one+ offers space for up to two people per session and up to 100 applications per day, providing even more efficient cooling and greater performance for commercial use. Both chambers are suitable for almost any installation surroundings and impress with minimal operating costs.
The installation of the chambers is possible within one day due to their compact design. The circulating ultra-cold air inside reaches temperatures of up to -85°C and stimulates the body within minutes.

Highest Safety and User Comfort

The cryo:one+ chamber integrates advanced safety features, including an optical and acoustic warning system that is activated should a user not leave the chamber as intended.

Innovative Technology and Visually Adaptable Design

Another highlight of the cryo:one+ chamber is the option for individual light adjustment. With a variety of available color options, the chamber can be seamlessly integrated into any environment and tailored to any customer preference. This is complemented by LED lamps integrated into the door, which provide an individually adjustable lighting experience during use.
The cryo:one+ chamber is available immediately. Interested parties are invited to visit the MECOTEC location for a personal presentation or to find out more on the MECOTEC website in advance.



MECOTEC, based in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, was founded in 2000 and is a pioneer in the field of ultra-low refrigeration on an electrical basis. The company specializes in the segments of cold chambers, cold air devices and industrial refrigeration and is now a global leader in the fields of medicine, sports and wellness with more than 1.000 cold chambers installed.

The purely electrically operated cryochambers are used in spa areas of upscale hotels, in clinics and in sports facilities, such as in the German Bundesliga, NFL stadiums in the USA and others.

The MECOTEC Group employs more than 100 people worldwide, over 80 of them in Germany; and has branches in France, USA, Dubai, Singapore, China as well as distribution partners in Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Hungary, UK, and Australia. The company is led by its founder and CEO, Enrico Klauer, along with COO Dr. Friedrich Rheinheimer. MECOTEC has received numerous awards, including being named the best employer. The founder and CEO of MECOTEC, Enrico Klauer, is the president of the Cold Chamber Manufacturers' Association (CCM). The industry association CINA awarded him the "Lifetime Achievement Award". In 2023, MECOTEC GmbH was named one of Germany's 100 most innovative companies.