Whole-body cryotherapy (wbc)

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Cryo technology for the modern ice age

Cold helps to heal; an insight centuries-old and yet innovative as never before. Whole-body cryotherapy (wbc) means health, regeneration and vitality. Why? Our body shows reaction processes in strong cold which, among other things, inhibit inflammation and allow the body to regenerate more quickly. This cold of up to -110° Celsius can be generated technically - with MECOTEC, the pioneer for electrically operated cryo chambers.

This is how whole-body cryotherapy helps in medicine, sports and wellness.

Whether in a medical practice, in sports or in a wellness studio: MECOTEC's cold chambers are an assistant, a sparring partner and a beauty hack. Our customers have long since stopped asking "Does this really work?" But rather only ask "When can you deliver our chamber?"

MECOTEC is one of the world market leaders in electrical cryotherapy.

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Cold can support you in the treatment of symptoms. This is because the human body exhibits physiological processes at temperatures below -80 °C. This relieves pain and inhibits inflammation. It stimulates the heart, circulation and immune system. And are stimulated in a cold chamber from MECOTEC. Ideal for doctors, physiotherapists and orthopaedists. Ideal with MECOTEC.

In recreational and professional sport, training goals count. Always.The way to achieve them is always through optimal regeneration. Cryo chambers from MECOTEC support you in this - after training, competition or a sports injury. The effect of cold reduces pain in muscles and joints. Muscles relax, injuries can heal better and athletes recover more effectively. Cold therefore means performance optimisation - with MECOTEC

Beauty has become of unmissable value in our society. Accordingly, people's need for offers around beauty and vitality is increasing. The market for fitness, beauty and anti-aging is therefore growing at an above-average rate, opening the door for whole-body cryotherapy. It improves blood circulation, increases collagen production in the skin and stimulates the metabolism of the entire body. It alleviates skin complaints and reduces water loss from the skin. And it achieves this with MECOTEC.

Procedure of a whole-body cryotherapy

To perform this type of cryotherapy, the user should be as lightly clothed as possible in order to achieve the optimal effect. Only the acra and respiratory tract are protected by shoes, mittens and a breathing mask, and the ears by a headband. In addition, it is important that the skin is dry and that he has taken off metal parts such as jewellery, watches, etc.

How does whole-body cryotherapy work?

You have a specific treatment goal - and MECOTEC helps you achieve it. The temperature in our cryo chambers is as low as -110 degrees Celsius. As the skin temperature is rapidly lowered, your body reacts with physiological processes that simultaneously protect and improve its condition.


Body reactions

In the chamber:

  • Release of cryoprotective hormones
  • Constriction of the blood vessels
  • Constriction of the bronchi
  • Increase in heart rate

The results afterwards:

  • Relaxation of the lungs
  • Relief from pain
  • Inhibition of inflammation
  • Relaxation of the muscles
  • Stimulation of metabolism
  • Improved regeneration
  • Formation of collagen

Impact factors

  1. Pain relief/Abolition of pain
  2. Inhibition of inflammation
  3. Effects on the skeletal musculature (regulation of tone, temporary increases in circulation,improvement in metabolism and modification of neuronal activation)
  4. Improvement in joint functioning
  5. Regulation of central activation levels, psychophysical stimulation of performance andpromotion of overall well‐being
  6. Economization in the cardiovascular system and in energy balance
  7. Optimization of thermoregulation


  1. Inflammatory rheumatoid diseases of the spinal joints
  2. Degenerative joint and spinal conditions
  3. Rheumatoid diseases of the soft tissues
  4. Chronic pain syndromes
  5. Disturbed muscle tone regulation in infantile cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and inmuscular tension
  6. Psoriasis with or without joint involvement
  7. Neurodermatitis
  8. Contusions, distortions, conditions following surgery on the joints and the spine, injuries to
  9. support and mobility structures
  10. Performance optimization for athletes and in medical rehabilitation

Positive treatment results have been observed in:

  • Non‐organic and pain‐related sleep disturbances
  • Primary hypotensive cardiovascular dysregulation
  • Sympathetic and parasympathetic reactive states
  • General psychophysical reduction in performance
  • Bronchial asthma
  • Disturbances of movement coordination (with disturbed proprioception)
  • Chronic inflammatory skin disorders
  • Restless legs syndrome and episodic leg movements during sleep

All information from Konsensus Erklärung zur Ganzkörperkältetherapie (GKKT), Bad Vöslau, 2006 (german).


Cold chamber cryotherapy is generally well tolerated. If you are unsure, you should consult your doctor before your first visit. However, there are some diseases for which the treatment should not be carried out or only with great caution. These include the following diseases in particular:

Absolute contraindications:

  1. Untreated hypertension
  2. Myocardial infarction occurring less than 6 months prior to treatment
  3. Decompensated disorders of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems
  4. Unstable angina pectoris
  5. Cardiac pacemaker
  6. Obstructive peripheral arterial diseases (Fontaine stages III and IV)
  7. Past history of venous thrombosis
  8.  Acute febrile respiratory illnesses
  9. Acute disorders of the kidneys and urinary system
  10. Severe anemia
  11. Manifestations of cold allergy
  12. Disorders resulting in significant cachexia
  13. Epilepsy
  14. Extensive bacterial or viral skin infections, disturbances in wound healing
  15. Person under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Relative contraindications:

  1. Heart rhythm disturbances
  2. Heart valve defects
  3. Status post cardiac surgery
  4. Ischemic heart disease
  5. Raynaud’s syndrome
  6. Polyneuropathies
  7. Pregnancy after the 4th month
  8. Vasculitis
  9. Claustrophobia
  10. Hypothyroidism
  11. Hyperhidrosis

All information from Konsensus Erklärung zur Ganzkörperkältetherapie (GKKT), Bad Vöslau, 2006 (german).

Short-term and long-term effects

Whole-body cryotherapy works - also in your medical practice, fitness studio and sports club. Because after just one session, users report pain relief for several hours. Some are even completely pain-free afterwards. Note that the more regular the stimulation, the better. Then your body reacts even faster and stronger - from the adjustment of the metabolism to the release of hormones to the relaxation of the muscles.

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