Electric Cryo Chambers

The next generation of the cryo:one Series from market leader MECOTEC.

Electric Cryo Chambers

New standards: discover our latest electric chamber technology

Customized Lighting

LED lighting provides a personalized experience for every application.

Individual Design

Individual color schemes for the exterior ensure a perfect fit of the chamber in any setting.


Shorter cooling times offer increased effeciency.


The use of preset programs allows the operator to have more time and resources to focus on other activities.

Custom Programs

Preset programs free up operations o focus on other activities, saving time and recources.

Daily application logging

Automatic daily logging of application sent as daily reports.

Safety Alert

The system emits an alarm signal if the user does not leave the chamber after the application.

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Cryo chambers for wellness, sport and lifestyle

With an electric cryo chamber from MECOTEC, you are opting for cryotechnology that sets standards. Packed with the latest innovations and advanced technology.

MECOTEC cryo:one



One of the most compact, all-electric cryo chambers in the world.

MECOTEC cryo:one+



More space, more power and easy to install.

MECOTEC cryoair flex

cryoair flex

cryoair flex

The compact solution in the professional sector.

MECOTEC cryoair multi

cryoair multi/multi+

cryoair multi/multi+

Multi-chamber system with a capacity of more than 30 users per hour.

Additional options

Recooling package

Music package

Smart Control App

Wood paneling

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We will be happy to inform you about options and prices.

The new cryo:one series: More performance and individuality

MECOTEC single-chamber systems offer freedom of movement and practicality without any nitrogen. The cryo:one is for private use, the cryo:one+ for commercial use. Thanks to their compact design, both chambers can be installed in one day. The cryogenic air circulating inside at temperatures as low as -85°C stimulates and revitalizes the body within minutes.

MECOTEC cryo:one


  • up to -85° C possible
  • 1 person per round
  • up to 25 applications / day
  • recommended for private use
  • for almost any installation option
  • Minimal operating costs
MECOTEC cryo:one+


  • up to -85° C possible
  • up to 2 persons per round
  • up to 100 applications / day
  • recommended for commercial use
  • even more efficient cooling
  • more power and even more spacious
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Advantages of electric cryo chambers


Safer, gentler and more effective - without using of liquid nitrogen.


MECOTEC has been the market leader and pioneer in cryotechnology for over 25 years.


Through years of research, we ensure low operating costs, high quality and exceptional profitability.

Reliable & long-lasting

Our products are made in Germany and our service is available worldwide.

MECOTEC's Comprehensive Care Package

Financing & Leasing

To ensure that nothing stands in your way when purchasing the cryo chamber, we work with partners who can provide you with worry-free financing.

Service contract

A service contract for our cryo chamber systems ensures comprehensive support, from telephone support to extended warranties and on-site service. This ensures the reliability of your systems.

  • Annual maintenance (incl. telephone advice)
  • Remote service by our service team
  • Regular software updates
  • Remote control via Smart Control app
  • Extended warranty for up to 6 years
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